Ugandan student shoots for attempting to open police officer’s room


A student at Uganda Christian University identified as 21-year-old, Nagayi Natasha, has been shot by a police officer attached to the Counter Terrorism Police, VIPPU.

The student was shot by the policeman after she attempted to open his door thinking it was her boyfriend door.

It has been gathered that on Saturday,20th May, 2023 , Natasha was accompanied by her boyfriend, Bandishe Ashiraf, outside for leisure.

The two were outside until she got tired.

Thus, Ashiraf gave her the key to her room to enter and rest while he remained behind.

However, she mistakenly attempted to open the room of, ASP Tebangole Dismass, which is opposite Ashiraf’s room, leading to the unfortunate shooting incident.

The Police statement added that, ASP Tebangole Dismass, peeped through the window glass and observed a person using a key to open the door.

In a state of suspicion, the suspect discharged three live bullets through the window glass, hitting Nagayi Natasha on the right chest, near the lower armpit.

Upon being shot, the victim fell to the ground and cried out for help, asserting that she was not a thief.

She specifically mentioned the name, Bandishe Ashiraf, one of the tenants residing in the police officer’s residence.

The caretaker of the residence, Ssengendo Hanington, along with other neighbors, responded to the scene.

Subsequently, ASP Tebangole Dismass emerged from his room.

Meanwhile, Natasha has been transported in critical condition to Kawolo Hospital for immediate medical attention.


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