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THE PETER OBI MYSTIQUE (By: Chukwuemeka Omeokonkwo)

Why have the vast number of dispossessed youths and the poor in Nigeria chosen Mr. Peter Obi, as the arrow head and symbol of their rebellion against the political status quo and not any other person?

Like as not, Mr. Peter Obi has continued to grow and swell alarmingly in popular acceptance as 2023 draws closer and closer.

He is the clear alternative to the unsavoury behemoths of the APC and the PDP.

Yet Mr. Peter Obi is not charismatic, not physically impressive, not a sweeping orator, does not parade a striking intellectual capacity and before 2022, can reasonably be described as part of the old order.

Equally, he is incubating quite nicely, not in a thriving big party but a hitherto slender formation. More intriguingly, he does not have a pedigree of notable, heroic social activism, certainly far from striking a revolutionary figure. So why is he so “Blessed”?

He is the simultaneous pain of both the conservatives and the conventional as well of the “Revolutionaries and the Radicals”.

The former dismiss him as a crass opportunist, the latter diss him as a shallow fraud. Both are predicting electoral failure for him. One thing is plain though, both sides are worried and jealous of the “stranger” who wants to be king.

Sadly, in my view, the Radicals in hot headed self righteous, haughtiness and lacking in enlightened self interest have chosen to war against Mr. Peter Obi instead of opportunising the political potentials of this enigma. So what’s the reason for the, Peter Obi emergence as a potent political force?

My respectful view is that, Mr. Peter Obi for reasons stated in paragraph “3” herein gross under-rated.

I think of him in the shade of the popular wrestler RAY MYSTERIO. Though short and smallish but Ray’s speed, outstanding athleticism, courage, self belief, creative opportunistic use of ring leverages, stamina have seen him spinning unbelievable wins against much higher, stronger opponents.

If Mr. Peter Obi does not win 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria, his involvement will initiate new serious problems for the establishment. Already the signs are there, for those who can see. It is in the hope of this that I am “#OBident.” His rivals are the politicians, but Peter Obi is the POLITICS.

THE PETER OBI MYSTIQUE by ©️Chukwuemeka Omeokonkwo reacting to a post by Bello Isiaka on 2023 general elections.

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