Indiana court jails Woman Over Rape Of A Minor

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A Court in Indiana, U.S.A., has sentenced a 48-year-old Carmel woman to three years in prison and several more years in probation after she was found guilty of rape and sexual battery. 

The jailed woman, Stephanie L. Brandshaw, was hired by the parents of a teen to look after him when she committed the rape crime.

The teen, who is a special needs child, has been described as being autistic and nonverbal.

Stephanie was exposed by the security cameras installed within the home.

The CCTV in the house captured  multiple instances of Stephanie having s*x with the minor.

When the case came up in the court, she pleaded guilty to raping the special needs child.

However, the 48-year-old woman told the court that the victim was “handsy” (someone who is tending to touch other people, typically in a way that is inappropriate or unwanted), but she didn’t tell his parents.

The Indianna court sentenced her to seven years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

Stephanie will also serve three years in prison and one year on the Hamilton County Community Corrections Work Release.

She will then serve three years of probation, the court ruled.

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